Skratky a kódy ICAO – N,O,P

Skratky a kódy, potrebné na dekódovanie a kódovanie dokumentov, ktoré sú plne v súlade s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – Dokument 8400 „Skratky a kódy“.

Skratka / značka Význam skratky / značky
N No distinct tendency (in RVR during previous 10 minutes)
N North or northern latitude
NASC National AIS system centre
NAT North Atlantic
NAV Navigation
NB Northbound
NBFR Not before
NC No change
NCD No cloud detected (used in automated METAR/SPECI)
NDB Non-directional radio beacon
NDV No directional variations available (used in automated METAR/SPECI)
NE North-east
NEB North-eastbound
NEG No or negative or permission not granted or that is not correct
NGT Night
NIL None or I have nothing to send to you
NM Nautical miles
NML Normal
NNE North-north-east
NNW North-north-west
NOF International NOTAM office
NOSIG No significant change (used in trend-type landing forecasts)
NOTAM A notice distributed by means of telecommunication containing information concerning the establishment, condition or change in any aeronautical facility, service, procedure or hazard,
the timely knowledge of which is essential to personnel concerned with flight operations
NOV November
NOZ Normal operating zone
NR Number
NRH No reply heard
NS Nimbostratus
NSC Nil significant cloud
NSW Nil significant weather
NTL National
NTZ No transgression zone
NW North-west
NWB North-westbound
NXT Next
OAC Oceanic area control centre
OAS Obstacle assessment surface
OBS Observe or observed or observation
OBSC Obscure or obscured or obscuring
OBST Obstacle
OCA Obstacle clearance altitude
OCA Oceanic control area
OCC Occulting (light)
OCH Obstacle clearance height
OCNL Occasional or occasionally
OCS Obstacle clearance surface
OCT October
OFZ Obstacle free zone
OGN Originate
OHD Overhead
OM Outer marker
OPA Opaque, white type of ice formation
OPC Control indicated is operational control
OPMET Operational meteorological (information)
OPN Open or opening or opened
OPR Operator or operate or operative or operating or operational
OPS Operations
O/R On request
ORD Order
OSV Ocean station vessel
OTLK Outlook (used in SIGMET messages for volcanic ash and tropical cyclones)
OTP On top
OTS Organized track system
OUBD Outbound
OVC Overcast
P . . . Maximum value of wind speed or runway visual range (followed by figures in METAR/SPECI and TAP)
P . . . Prohibited area (followed by identification)
PA Precision approach
PALS Precision approach lighting system
PANS Procedures for air navigation services
PAPI Precision approach path indicator
PAR Precision approach radar
PARL Parallel
PATC . . . Precision approach terrain chart (followed by name/title)
PAX Passenger(s)
PCD Proceed or proceeding
PCL Pilot-controlled lighting
PCN Pavement classification number
PDC Pre-departure clearance
PDG Procedure design gradient
PER Performance
PERM Permanent
PIB Pre-flight information bulletin
PJE Parachute jumping exercise
PL Ice pellets
PLA Practice low approach
PLN Flight plan
PLVL Present level
PN Prior notice required
PNR Point of no return
PO Dust/sand whirls (dust devils)
POB Persons on board
POSS Possible
PPI Plan position indicator
PPR Prior permission required
PPSN Present position
PRFG Aerodrome partially covered by fog
PRI Primary
PRKG Parking
PROB Probability
PROC Procedure
PROV Provisional
PS Plus
PSG Passing
PSN Position
PSR Primary surveillance radar
PSYS Pressure system(s)
PTN Procedure turn
PTS Polar track structure
PWR Power

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