Skratky a kódy ICAO – C,D

Skratky a kódy, potrebné na dekódovanie a kódovanie dokumentov, ktoré sú plne v súlade s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – Dokument 8400 „Skratky a kódy“.

Skratka / značka Význam skratky / značky
… C Centre (preceded by runway designation number to identify a parallel runway)
C Degrees Celsius (Centigrade)
CAT Category
CAT Clear air turbulence
CAVOK Visibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditions
CB Cumulonimbus
CC Cirrocumulus
CCA (or CCB, CCC. .. etc., in sequence) Corrected meteorological message
CD Candela
CDN Coordination (message type designator)
CF Change frequency to . . .
CFM Confirm or I confirm
CGL Circling guidance light(s)
CH Channel
CHG Modification (message type designator)
CI Cirrus
CIT Near or over large towns
CIV Civil
CK Check
CL Centre line
CLA Clear type of ice formation
CLBR Calibration
CLD Cloud
CLG Calling
CLIMB-OUT Climb-out area
CLR Clear(s) or cleared to . . . or clearance
CLRD Runway(s) cleared (used in METAR/SPECI)
CLSD Close or closed or closing
CM Centimetre
CMB Climb to or climbing to
CMPL Completion or completed or complete
CNL Cancel or cancelled
CNL Flight plan cancellation
CNS Communications, navigation and surveillance
COM Communications
CONC Concrete
COND Condition
CONS Continuous
CONST Construction or constructed
CONT Continue(s) or continued
COOR Coordinate or coordination
COORD Coordinates
COP Change-over point
COR Correct or correction or corrected
COT At the coast
COV Cover or covered or covering
CPDLC Controller-pilot data link communications
CPL Current flight plan
CRC Cyclic redundancy check
CRZ Cruise
CS Call sign
CS Cirrostratus
CTA Control area
CTAM Climb to and maintain
CTC Contact
CTL Control
CTN Caution
CTR Control zone
CU Cumulus
CUF Cumuliform
CVR Cockpit voice recorder
CW Continuous wave
CWY Clearway
D Downward (tendency in RVR during previous 10 minutes)
D .. . Danger area (followed by identification)
DA Decision altitude
D-ATIS Data link automatic terminal information service
DCKG Docking
DCP Datum crossing point
DCPC Direct controller-pilot communications
DCT Direct (in relation to flight plan clearances and type of approach)
DEC December
DEC Degrees
DEP Depart or departure
DEP Departure
DES Descend to or descending to
DEST Destination
DETRESFA Distress phase
DEV Deviation or deviating
DFDR Digital flight data recorder
DFTI Distance from touchdown indicator
DH Decision height
DIP Diffuse
DIST Distance
DIV Divert or diverting
DLA Delay or delayed
DLY Daily
DME Distance measuring equipment
DNG Danger or dangerous
DOM Domestic
DP Dew point temperature
DPT Depth
DR Dead reckoning
DR … Low drifting (followed by DU = dust, SA =sand or SN = snow)
DRG During
DS Duststorm
DTAM Descend to and maintain
DTG Date-time group
DTHR Displaced runway threshold
DTRT Deteriorate or deteriorating
DTW Dual tandem wheels
DU Dust
DUC Dense upper cloud
DUPE This is a duplicate message
DUR Duration
DVOR Doppler VOR
DW Dual wheels
DZ Drizzle

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