Skratky a kódy ICAO – L,M

Skratky a kódy, potrebné na dekódovanie a kódovanie dokumentov, ktoré sú plne v súlade s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – Dokument 8400 „Skratky a kódy“.

Skratka / značka Význam skratky / značky
… L Left (preceded by runway designation number to identify a parallel runway)
L Locator (see LM, LO)
L Low pressure area or the centre of low pressure
LAN Inland
LAT Latitude
LDA Landing distance available
LDAH Landing distance available, helicopter
LDG Landing
LDI Landing direction indicator
LEN Length
LF Low frequency [30 to 300 kHz]
LGT Light or lighting
LGTD Lighted
LIH Light intensity high
LIL Light intensity low
LIM Light intensity medium
LLZ Localizer
LM Locator, middle
LMT Local mean time
LNG Long (used to indicate the type of approach desired or required)
LO Locator, outer
LOG Local or locally or location or located
LONG Longitude
LORAN LORAN (long range air navigation system)
LRG Long range
LTD Limited
LTP Landing threshold point
LV Light and variable (relating to wind)
LVE Leave or leaving
LVL Level
LYR Layer or layered
M . . . Mach number (followed by figures)
… M Metres (preceded by figures)
M . . . Minimum value of runway visual range (followed by figures in METAR/SPECI)
MAA Maximum authorized altitude
MAG Magnetic
MAINT Maintenance
MAP Aeronautical maps and charts
MAPT Missed approach point
MAR At sea
MAR March
MAX Maximum
MBST Microburst
MCA Minimum crossing altitude
MCW Modulated continuous wave
MDA Minimum descent altitude
MDF Medium frequency direction-finding station
MDH Minimum descent height
MEA Minimum en-route altitude
MEHT Minimum eye height over threshold (for visual approach slope indicator systems)
MET Meteorological or meteorology
METAR Aerodrome routine meteorological report (in meteorological code)
MET REPORT Local routine meteorological report (in abbreviated plain language)
MF Medium frequency [300 to 3 000 kHz]
MHDF Medium and high frequency direction-finding stations (at the same location)
MHVDF Medium, high and very high frequency direction-finding stations (at the same location)
MHZ Megahertz
MID Mid-point (related to R VR)
MIFG Shallow fog
MIL Military
MIN Minutes
MKR Marker radio beacon
MLS Microwave landing system
MM Middle marker
MNM Minimum
MNPS Minimum navigation performance specifications
MNT Monitor or monitoring or monitored
MNTN Maintain
MOA Military operating area
MOC Minimum obstacle clearance (required)
MOD Moderate (used to indicate the intensity of weather phenomena, interference or static reports, e.g. MODRA = moderate rain)
MON Above mountains
MON Monday
MOPS Minimum operational performance standards
MOV Move or moving or movement
MPS Metres per second
MRA Minimum reception altitude
MRG Medium range
MRP ATS/MET reporting point
MS Minus
MSA Minimum sector altitude
MSAS Multifunctional transport satellite (MTSAT) satellite-based augmentation system
MSAW Minimum safe altitude warning
MSG Message
MSL Mean sea level
MSSR Monopulse secondary surveillance radar
MT Mountain
MTU Metric units
MTW Mountain waves
MVDF Medium and very high frequency direction finding stations (at the same location)
MX Mixed type of ice formation (white and clear)

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