Skratky a kódy ICAO – Q,R

Skratky a kódy, potrebné na dekódovanie a kódovanie dokumentov, ktoré sú plne v súlade s ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) – Dokument 8400 „Skratky a kódy“.

Skratka / značka Význam skratky / značky
QDL Do you intend to ask me for a series of bearings? or I intend to ask you for a series of bearings (to be used in radiotelegraphy as a Q Code)
QDM Magnetic heading (zero wind)
QDR Magnetic bearing
QFE Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation (or at runway threshold)
QFU Magnetic orientation of runway
QGE What is my distance to your station? or Your distance to my station is (distance figures and units) (to be used in radiotelegraphy as a Q Code)
QNH Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground
QTE True bearing
QTF Will you give me the position of my station according to the bearings taken by the D/F stations which you control? or The position of your station according to the bearings taken by the
D/F stations that I control was. . . latitude . . . longitude (or other indication of position), class . . . a t . . . hours (to be used in radiotelegraphy as a Q Code)
QUAD Quadrant
QUJ Will you indicate the TRUE track to reach you? Or The TRUE track to reach me is … degrees a t . . hours (to be used in radiotelegraphy as a Q Code)
… R Right (preceded by runway designation number to identify a parallel runway)
R Red
R… Restricted area (followed by identification)
R . . . Runway visual range (followed by figures in METAR/SPECI)
RA Rain
RAC Rules of the air and air traffic services
RAG Ragged
RAG Runway arresting gear
RAI Runway alignment indicator
RAIM Receiver autonomous integrity monitoring
RASC Regional AIS system centre
RASS Remote altimeter setting source
RB Rescue boat
RCA Reach cruising altitude
RCC Rescue coordination centre
RCF Radiocommunication failure (message type designator)
RCH Reach or reaching
RCL Runway centre line
RCLL Runway centre line light(s)
RCLR Recleared
RDH Reference datum height
RDL Radial
RDO Radio
RE Recent (used to qualify weather phenomena, e.g. RERA = recent rain)
REC Receive or receiver
REDL Runway edge light(s)
REF Reference to . . . or refer to …
REG Registration
RENL Runway end light(s)
REP Report or reporting or reporting point
REQ Request or requested
RERTE Re-route
RESA Runway end safety area
RG Range (lights)
RHC Right-hand circuit
RIF Reclearance in flight
RITE Right (direction of turn)
RL Report leaving
RLA Relay to
RLCE Request level change en route
RLLS Runway lead-in lighting system
RLNA Request level not available
RMAC Radar minimum altitude chart
RMK Remark
RNAV Area navigation
RNG Radio range
RNP Required navigation performance
ROC Rate of climb
ROD Rate of descent
ROFOR Route forecast (in meteorological code)
RON Receiving only
RPI Radar position indicator
RPL Repetitive flight plan
RPLC Replace or replaced
RPS Radar position symbol
RQMNTS Requirements
RQP Request flight plan
RQS Request supplementary flight plan (message type designator)
RR Report reaching
RRA (or RRB, RRC… etc., in sequence) Delayed meteorological message (message type designator)
RSC Rescue sub-centre
RSCD Runway surface condition
RSP Responder beacon
RSR En-route surveillance radar
RTD Delayed (used to indicate delayed meteorological message; message type designator)
RTE Route
RTF Radiotelephone
RTG Radiotelegraph
RTHL Runway threshold light(s)
RTN Return or returned or returning
RTODAH Rejected take-off distance available, helicopter
RTS Return to service
RTT Radioteletypewriter
RTZL Runway touchdown zone light(s)
RUT Standard regional route transmitting frequencies
RV Rescue vessel
RVR Runway visual range
RVSM Reduced vertical separation minimum (300 m (1 000 ft)) between FL 290 and FL 410
RWY Runway

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